How to build membership websites video course

Brand new video course from HTML Form Guide

Covers the following Topics

  • Authentication using login forms
    • How does a login form work?
    • Sessions and how does sessions work
  • Creating a login registration system using PHP
    • How to create a registration form
    • How to store passwords securely
    • How to create a login form
    • How to check user has to login to access certain content
    • How to add a “remember me” feature
    • How to add “reset password/forgot password” feature
    • How to add personalized features in the “members only” area
    • How to enhance user experience with personalisation
  • How to protect your users from hackers
    • Why security measures are important
    • The must have security features
    • How to implement SSL on your website
    • What type of data to collect and store.
    • What type of user data to avoid storing
    • How to secure user data
  • Advanced authentication
    • How to use google, facebook or twitter authentication

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